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Feeding kids is hard. I’ll be the first to admit that! 3 meals a day, plus snacks, every day given to tiny people that always seem to want something different, even if they specifically asked for a certain food that you then gave them. So I’m sharing the top smoothie recipes for kids as well as how to share them with your little (or not so little) ones in fun, helpful ways.

What kid doesn’t want to drink a smoothie like a vibrant, pink strawberry banana smoothie or a chocolate delight like a chocolate peanut butter smoothie?!

As a mom with young kids, I struggled with what to feed my family. I wanted them to eat healthy, yet I wasn’t eating healthy. I wanted them to have a good relationship with food, yet I didn’t. Thankfully, I realized we could learn together how to fuel our bodies AND how to make it fun.

Once I learned about green smoothies, my whole world changed. Here was something that tasted good + was good for me! I immediately started blending smoothies #familystyle, and we all got in on the leafy green action.

Table of Contents
  1. Smoothie Recipes for Kids
  2. Breakfast Smoothies for Kids
  3. Smoothies for Kids FAQs

Smoothie Recipes for Kids

First step to getting your kids on the smoothie train is collaboration. Make it fun! Go through the smoothies for kids list below and let your kid choose the smoothie they want to blend. Figure out what ingredients you have then shop together (if possible) for what you still need. Have your kids pick up the fruits and veggies and put them in your cart, then blend together!

Smoothies are wonderful ways to get kids involved in the kitchen since the measurements don’t have to be super precise. Let them see, feel and even taste what foods go into the blender and talk about the different textures and flavors you add. Here are the top kid-friendly smoothie recipes to get you started:

Best Green Smoothie Recipe

The best green smoothie recipe is a tasty tropical treat packed with iron, potassium and vitamins galore. There’s no need to be scared of a spinach smoothie when it tastes like this.

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strawberry banana smoothie
Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Blend up this strawberry banana smoothie as a fun family treat, or a bright + refreshing morning breakfast. One sip of this smoothie will put a smile on anyone’s face; it’s truly a smoothie for all ages. 

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2 mason jars of chocolate peanut butter smoothie with straws.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Better than a milkshake! This plant-based peanut butter chocolate smoothie is so creamy and decadent, you’ll think it’s ice cream. Your body will thank you for enjoying this all-natural, no-sugar-added sweet treat.

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mango smoothie
Creamy Mango Smoothie

This is a super creamy + delicious mango smoothie with just the right sweetness. Be careful, it might easily become your new fav snack smoothie!

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Rainbow Smoothie

Summer is the perfect time for some tie-dying; instead of white t-shirts, it’s a healthy smoothie! Vibrant, colorful layers are blended separately, then spooned into jars and topped with a dollop of coconut whipped cream and sprinkles. Blend up a quadruple batch for a DIY tie-dye smoothie bar and let everyone create their unique blend of flavors and colors.

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Creamy Banana Smoothie

Blend your way into a great day with this sweet n’ creamy banana smoothie. It’s got protein that will keep you full, and simple ingredients for natural energy.

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Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

This deliciously thick blueberry smoothie is infused with nutritious superfood blueberries, nutty cashew milk and creamy cashew yogurt. It’s a vegan smoothie using just four ingredients and no added sugar. This smoothie is simple, easy to make and full of delicious blueberry flavor. 

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Strawberry Mango Smoothie in a cute crate
Strawberry Mango Smoothie

This Strawberry Mango Smoothie is mildly sweet, and draw out the flavors of the other fruit. Add some creamy almond milk to the mix and you get a smoothie worth blending over and over.

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Summer Watermelon Smoothie

Want a refreshing, vitamin-packed smoothie that doubles as a kid-pleasing snack? This watermelon smoothie is a cool and sweet thirst quencher that you’ll be sipping on all summer long.

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tropical smoothie bowl topped with fresh fruit and flowers.
Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Indulge a little with this plant-based tropical smoothie bowl. It’s loaded with fresh fruits to nourish your body and hydrate your skin. With only three main ingredients, you can top however you want and enjoy!

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a mom and 2 kids all sipping a glass jar of green smoothie through blue striped paper straws.

Breakfast Smoothies for Kids

The above list is a super way to start helping your kid drink a daily smoothie and tuck more fruits and veggies into their diet. Yet I wanted to talk specifically about breakfast smoothies. While smoothies are made with solely sugar from fruits… sometimes there can still be a lot of sugar in an all fruit smoothie.

When I’m making a breakfast smoothie for myself or my kids, I try to always add 3 things: protein, healthy fat and leafy greens. You can add these to any smoothie you want, and they will do a few things:

  1. Help your kid stay full longer... no mid-morning crash!
  2. Help your kid’s body process the natural fruit sugar and turn it into long-lasting energy.
  3. Add even more fiber to their smoothie to help with digestion.

Smoothies are so easy to make and adding these 3 things to a breakfast smoothie, or any smoothie really, will help curb hunger, provide usable energy and stop any sugar crash in its tracks.

a family of four sitting and laughing together, each holding their own glass jar of vibrant green smoothie.

Tips for Kid-Friendly Smoothies

I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade when it comes to getting my kids excited about eating a variety a foods, and now that Jackson is a teenager with a love for cooking I see how all this work is paying off!

He’s playing with flavor combos and exploring ingredients and I couldn’t be more proud as his mama. Here’s how I involve my kids in food + smoothie making:

  • No ‘hiding’ ingredients in their smoothies! That’s not helpful for anyone, and doesn’t really help them develop tastes for things like leafy greens in the future.
  • Let them choose 1 fruit or veggie to add to their smoothie. When we grocery shop, I love letting each kid pick out a new piece of produce to explore.
  • Kids can help make smoothies! Let them scoop, measure and explore the ingredients before blending that smoothie. That helps expose them to the flavors + textures they will be sipping.
  • Start simple. There’s no need for some elaborate creation when you first start smoothies. Stick to your fav produce and blend that first. Stick to the 1-1-2 method for a single serving or the 2-2-3 method for a double serving of smoothie to get a good blend every time.

Here’s a video of my daughter Clare and her friend making their own smoothie creation, in their own unique way. It’s adorable + helpful way to empower kids to make their own smoothies.

Smoothies for Kids FAQs

Are smoothies good for kids?

Yes! Use whole food, plant based ingredients and avoid juices and added sweetener. Use leafy greens for extra fiber and to help your child’s body breakdown the natural fruit sugar.

When can I give my child a smoothie?

I started smoothies for my kids when they were little! Get them on board early and often so they can see this is part of your daily habits and can be part of theirs, too. If you’ve got babies trying table food for the first time, talk to their pediatrician about the right time to introduce homemade smoothies.

What should you not put into a smoothie?

I typically avoid using fruit juice as the liquid in my smoothies and stick to water or unsweetened plant milk to avoid unnecessary sugar. I also avoid added sweeteners. Fruit is sweet enough on its own, there’s no need to add extra!

Healthy Recipes for the Whole Family

Since my family eats dinner together, I’m always trying to make 1 meal that the whole family can enjoy. I often lean toward meals that are build-your-own in nature, so each person can add their fav toppings + sauces, and we can all enjoy the food.

a mom and 2 kids in a kitchen putting avocados and limes into a blender pitcher.

The Rawk the Year meal planner has a big part in my successful family dinners, as I know each week has great ideas for meals, as well as snacks and smoothies. It also gives me the freedom to swap meals around to fit our ever changing schedule. My kids even have a say in what recipes we pick, so I know I’m making food they’ll eat.

What are some fav smoothies in your house? Leave a comment and let me know which recipes sound good to you, or what your kid wants to make this week.

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