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Hi I’m Toca Cocoa! Today’s Toca Life World videos are 15 recipes to use for your holiday and everyday role play videos!

Timecodes for Toca Boca Gaming Channel: Cooking with Toca Cocoa Short Film

0:00 Cooking with Toca Cocoa
0:19 Toca Cocoa Goes Grocery Shopping (Bonus post-it of grocery list items)
0:56 Toca Cocoa Stops By Post Office to Pick Up Surprise Gift
1:13 Toca Cocoa Cooks Recipes
3:22 Unboxing Toca Surprise Gift
3:38 Toca Cocoa Eat’s all the Delicious Recipes She Cooked

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What is Toca Life World? Glad you asked! It’s an app where you can create your own world and play out any story. This mega-app is always adding new worlds and features. Toca Life: City, Toca Life: Vacation, Toca Life: Office Toca Life: Hospital, Toca Life: Pets, Toca Life: School, Toca Life Neighborhood are some of the Toca Life apps that I love to play ! Check back often because I’m always playing and uploading new videos!

Check back often because I upload new videos daily!

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