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TASTY CHEAP MEALS | SHORTCUT INGREDIENTS | AMAZING KRAFT MACARONI & CHEESE RECIPES | LET”S GET COOKING!! Welcome back to my cooking channel! Boxed macaroni & cheese is the ultimate foundation for many quick-dinner ideas! Today I am showing you 5 of my all time favorite ways to transform an ordinary regular box of Kraft mac n cheese into a delicious family meal! I hope you find a recipe to try for yourself! Thank you for all the support 💙

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0:00 Welcome! ❖ Today’s Recipes
0:26 Pizza Casserole https://www.juliapacheco.com/macaroni-and-cheese-pizza-casserole/
2:16 Chicken & Broccoli Casserole https://www.juliapacheco.com/chicken-and-broccoli-macaroni-cheesy-casserole/
4:53 Upgraded Box Macaroni and Cheese https://www.juliapacheco.com/upgraded-boxed-macaroni-and-cheese/
6:18 Ham Casserole https://www.juliapacheco.com/cheesy-ham-macaroni-and-cheese-casserole/
8:01 Southwest Mexican Casserole https://www.juliapacheco.com/southwest-mexican-macaroni-and-cheese-casserole/

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