AMERICA के RESTAURANTS में INDIAN खाना कितने का मिलता है? Indian Food Cost in USA Restaurants


Hello friends, did you know in the USA restaurants, Indian food will cost you thousands of rupees! Yes, 10 rupees samosa will cost you in hundreds. 40 Rs pakodas will cost you 400 rupees. Wondering why do such cheap Indian street food items cost so much in the USA? Well, all Indian spices such as garam masalas, Ghoda masala, Lal Mirch powders, and all are actually imported from India, as you don’t find such masalas in the USA. So that’s the reason why custom duties and taxes are added on masala import and thus to compensate the cost, USA restaurants that serve Indian food, will charge normal cheap items such as Samosa and pakodas to around 800 to 900 rupees! Now, just guess what the main course item such as paneer tikka masala is, or breakfast item like dosa and all cost there? Well, it’s way beyond thousands of rupees… Not kidding! You’ll be shocked to look at the prices of food and the quantity that they serve. Totally not a paisa-vasool thing! So what are you waiting for? Let’s have some dinner in our today’s video titled- Indian foods cost in USA restaurants.

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