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McDonald’s Chef Chad is taking burgers to the next level with hotter, juicier, and tastier patties. Join him as he walks through the small but impactful changes he’s made to McDonald’s burgers, including meltier cheese, a better sear, and more Big Mac Sauce. These are the best McDonald’s burgers ever!

As McDonald’s Senior Director of Culinary Innovation, Chef Chad is on a mission to make McDonald’s burgers even better. He’s made small but impactful changes to the way burgers are made, including:

Using hotter grills to sear the patties for a better flavor and texture.
Adding more Big Mac Sauce to make the burgers more flavorful.
Using meltier cheese that doesn’t get hard when it’s cooked.

The result is a burger that is hotter, juicier, and tastier than ever before. Chef Chad believes that these are the best McDonald’s burgers ever, and he invites you to try them for yourself.


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