Cooking a delicious egg recipe in 10 minutes Grandmother's Recipes! ASMR cooking! Eggs & Breakfast


Cooking a delicious egg recipe in 10 minutes. Healthy breakfast for kids. Delicious and quick breakfast for kids. Delicious lunch to go in 10 minutes. Egg in a pan with vegetables. Cooking interesting for children. Original scrambled eggs for the whole family. Cooking fast and tasty for dinner. The recipe from available products is easy. Breakfast for a bachelor is easy. Dinner for a bachelor fast. Dinner for a bachelor from affordable products.

0:00 Cooking is easy with Grandmother’s recipes!
0:04 Big Pepper – 1 piece
0:22 Vegetable oil for frying
0:29 Fry toast bread
1:01 Egg -3 pcs. Cooking like in the video
1:32 Parsley
1:55 Hard cheese -20 gr
2:58 Bon appetit!

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