"Crispy and Delicious Chicharrones Recipe: Step-by-Step Cooking Guide!"


There are many different ways to make Chicharrones and we think that we have one of the simplest and tastiest and most importantly, crunchiest chicharron recipes anywhere. Crispy Pork Rinds are the best and this pork crackling recipe will amaze you.
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Full RECIPE and blog here — https://www.fogocharcoal.com/blogs/cook/crispy-crunchy-chicharrones

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00:00 Spanish Chicharrones
00:22 what are chicharrones?
00:55 Pork Belly
02:02 Lighting a big green egg
02:05 Big Green Egg Cleaning Hack
02:27 The Best Fire Starters
02:57 Carbon Steel for the grill
03:39 Easy Chimichurri
04:25 How to make chicharrones
09:15 Captain Ron and His Daughter Kaitlyn
10:065 Chicharron viral tiktok recipe


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