easy and healthy CHOCOLATE APPLE DOUGHNUTS? 😮 had to try it!


anzeige – easy healthy CHOCOLATE APPLE 🍎 DOUGHNUTS? I had to try it together with https://www.korodrogerie.de

team if you need ingredients like chocolate chips, nuts or nut butter I highly recommend KoRo – they have many different foods and superfoods to choose from (organic)! the big packages also come with many advantages 🫶🏼

my code for KORO is GROW -5%

ingredients for the apple doughnuts:
ā€¢ 1 apple
ā€¢ 30-40g dark chocolate chips from KoRo
ā€¢ 1 tsp coconut oil
ā€¢ KoRo nut butter (peanut, almond, or any)
ā€¢ a handful of almonds from KoRo

canā€™t wait to see your creations of this recipe 😍


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