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Coconut Almond Chocolate Bark

This has the perfect mixture of chocolate. Both semi-sweet dark and white chocolate are used. So it’s not like you’re biting into overly sweetened candy. The almonds give it the perfect crunch and the coconut sport strings add a gently sweetened texture. It’s very quick and easy to make.

✨this time try switching up the colored hearts for some spring blessings, bunnies or Easter fun!

✨Recipe ⬇️

Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 5 minutes
Yield: 15 servings, more or less

•5 ounces semi-sweet mini morsels
•5 ounces white chocolate chips
•roasted almonds, salted with sea salt – chopped
•macapuno coconut sport strings – rinsed + drained
*candy hearts, optional

Start off by lining a cookie or baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a small bowl, add the dark chocolate and place in the microwave for 30 seconds. Remove the bowl, stir to combine and do this another two times for 30 seconds each or until chocolate is completely melted.

Now pour the melted chocolate onto the baking sheet. Then freeze for about 5 minutes. While it’s in the freezer, start melting the white chocolate.

Add the white chocolate to a small bowl and do the same as you did with the dark chocolate. Make sure you stir every 30 seconds. Do this about 6 times, or until chocolate is completely melted. Doing 30 second intervals allows the chocolate to not burn and have that perfect shiny and crunch finish.

Remove the chocolate in the freezer and pour the white chocolate over. Use a spatula or knife to spread somewhat evenly. It’s bark so nothing has to be layered correctly.

Next, sprinkle the almonds and coconut sport strings. Add any extra festive toppings
for color or texture. I added candy hearts. Enjoy as is or refrigerate for a few minutes before serving.

✨Helpful Tips
*Any chocolate should work. I used real semi sweet chocolate for both.
*You don’t necessarilv have to freeze the dark chocolate. You could just pour the
white right over, but doing this first gives the bark an extra crunch, shiny and overall
great texture.
*Almonds and coconut sport strings have no measurements. All preference – I did use
about 1/4 cup for each, more or less.
*To smash/chop almonds, place them in a ziplock back and use a kitchen mallet.
*Add extra almonds and coconut sport, or any other toppings to the finished bark.

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