How to Cook Buttered Garlic Shrimp with Sprite | Pinoy Easy Recipes


You must try this recipe of buttered garlic shrimp with the twist of Sprite! Perfect pang-ulam!

Many of us are used to having shrimp as sinigang. It is a favorite dish, with its tasty soup. Maybe next to sinigang, buttered shrimp is the second most famous shrimp dish. Aside from being so simple, it is so flavorful! Everything with butter always becomes so delicious! Butter brings out the best flavor in whatever it is cooked with. Both a utilitarian and a condiment, it is known as a sweet element and a savory one. Remember your pastry and pie’s crust? How about your sandwich and breakfast bread? They are perfect with butter!

In this recipe, we leveled up what butter can do in shrimps by adding Sprite, the soda drink. It adds sweetness to the buttered dish. They perfectly match each other in this heavenly dish! Why not try this recipe and tell us what you think? Enjoy!

For the written version of this recipe, go here:

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