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Akara (Fried bean cake ) is a Nigerian breakfast recipe made with ground dehulled brown or black-eyed beans. It is a very popular snack that can be eaten anytime of the day. Although Akara is popular as a breakfast meal, it can also be eaten as a snack or taken with Pap(ogi), custard or Agidi(eko) as a light dinner.

Nigerian Akara Recipe and Ingredients
– 1 cup of brown or black-eyed Beans
– 2 scotch bonnet or habanero peppers(atarodo)
– 1 small onion bulb
– 1 table spoonful ground crayfish(optional)
– 1 stock cubes(knorr or maggi)
– Salt to taste
– Vegetable Oil for frying

Preparation for Frying Directions for Nigerian Akara

**First, you need to soak the beans in water for 3 hours and then wash the beans and peel of the coat. Let the peeled beans soak in clean water for an extra two hours, to help soften it a bit.
**Pour the beans into a powerful blender;add crayfish, stock cube,onions and pepper. Blend the mixture, until you get a smooth but thick consistency.You can add just a little water to the blender, to help it blend easily.Make sure to blend in batches, so that you wont get granules and bean lumps.
Now to prepare the Nigerian Akara….

*Pour the blended beans mixture into a bowl, taste for salt and add a little if needed.Mix thoroughly and set aside
*Pour the vegetable into a deep pot or frying pan; the oil shoud be deep enough to cover an egg, that’s like 3 inches deep.
Heat up the oil until hot,but not extremely hot, so that the Akara does not just cook on the outside without cooking on the inside.

* Using a tablespoon, Scoop the blended beans mixture and drop it gently into the hot oil.
You can drop a little of the beans mixture into the oil to test the heat;If it browns instantly, then the oil is too hot, but if it sizzles and still has a white colou , then it is at the right temperature.

*Fry the Akara until brown and make sure you flip it over so that both sides brown at the same time.
Transfer the Akara into a sieve lined with paper towel, to help absorb the excess oil.


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