Shikarpur Sindh series Pakistan on a Plate & Recipes & Recipes Vishnuite Soup & Bhe Episode 4


Shikarpur another Indus River city which reflects the multiple civilizations which makes it one our most diverse corners of Pakistan. Sindhi cuisine reflecting these lovely layers.The syncretic nature of how local culture blends and evolves to develop such interesting practices; I learned about the Udassi traditions a combination of Nanak, Sri Chand followers which imbued local Hindu heritage as well such a fascinating sub culture. this is pakistan’s pickle mecca and it was amazing to ry out the varieties on offer. Pickles reflecting the need to preserve food in the scorching heat of Sindh! Lotus/Bhe a symbol of peace is the local snack and made in so many ways here, we share one lovely recipe here for you. Who was Bhai Gurdas? Daudpotras, Kalhoras? all this history was a revelation for me. hope you enjoy this journey with me and also learn a bunch amazing recipes.


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