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RECIPE 🥓🥞🥔🍓🫐🍦
PANCAKES 🥞 -aprox 4pcs of fluffy pancakes (15 cm size)
1 egg
1/4 cup of oil or melted butter
1,2 cup milk
1,5 cup flour
2 big spoons sugar
1,5 little spoon baking powder

Note: It’s essential to have non-stick pan (any size you want, we made couple pancakes on pancake pan with little 5 cm pancake holes, and couple pancakes on the 15cm small pan, so choose the size you want❣️🥞)

1.separate the egg white and egg yolk (carefully- so there is no yolk in the egg white)
2.whish the egg white.
3.mix all other ingredients together, and when combined- add the egg white- carefully, and slowly.
4.heat you non-stick pan, low heat, no oil
5.pour the batter on the pan, (if you want to make thick pancakes- cover the pan with the lid, so the steam will help to cook it through. If you want to make small thin pancake- no lid needed)
6.flip on the other side when golden

-smoked paprika
-salt, olive oil

1.medium pan, medium heat, pour olive oil.
2.add diced potatoes, and cook. add salt
3.when golden add bacon and onion, and let cook (if needed pour little bit of water to help it cook)
4.add chopped parsley abd smoked paprika

-fried egg


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