Steak and Eggs with Charred Scallion Chimichurri Recipe | Over The Fire Cooking by Derek Wolf


Steak and Eggs with Charred Scallion Chimichurri for an epic meal 🥩🍳🌿🔥

Everyone loves some steak and eggs! The perfect breakfast combo that work at just about any time of the day. Well then, today we have a treat. These Steak and Eggs with Charred Scallions Chimichurri on top are to die for. Inspired by my friend @TheBBQBuddha for his Charred Scallion Sauce, I wanted to see if it would work in Chimichurri (plus the recipe from @GrillinWithDad was pretty epic too). Cooked some potatoes, added eggs and grilled some steaks with scallions. Make that Chimi at the end, and you have an epic meal. Find this whole recipe on my blog or linked in my bio! 🍻👍

The Recipe:

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